Choukadou Girl ⅙

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Choukadou Girl ⅙ – Bouida Haruto, a hardcore otaku with no interest in 3D (real) women, once appreciated figures from afar, accepting that “if you get into them, there’s no turning back.” However, when Nona, a character he loved from an anime called “Girls→Planetary Investigation” had a figure of her released, he ended up purchasing it. And then that night, the figure of Nona somehow came to life, and a couple-like lifestyle between man and toy began.


Titles : Choukadou Girl ⅙

Type :

Status :

Aired : Apr 6, 2019 to Jun 22, 2019

Studios : Studio A-CAT

Genres : , ,

Duration : 12 min. per ep.

Source : Manga

ONE by Haruka Toujou (東城陽奏) Download